Printing for Promotional Events

Make your concept come to life with custom graphics that add impact to your messages and create a sensory connection with your audiences.

Our team of designers brings to your print project more than 25 combined commerce platforms, security features, content management systems and interactive features. We also specialize in hosting and ongoing maintenance services.

From a stand-alone custom display to a design concept for a whole host of event marketing pieces—brochures, sales and promotional literature, postcards and direct mail, stationery and business cards, or custom logo design—VantagePoint creates the look that will appeal to your unique audiences—reinforcing your brand and adding power to your messages and calls to action.

Custom Design for the Web

A web site is more than just the combination of words and images. It is the first contact with your customer. It sets the tone for your company and helps determine how or if they will use your company to solve there needs.

Your site must be the place your target audience goes to find out about your company and its products or services, and experience the full value of their relationship with you.

VantagePoint’s team of web designers creates a tailored look and the perfect functionality that brings real value to your customers, prospects, partners, and members. A strong VantagePoint custom site reinforces your position in their minds.

Our services include creating the front-end design, back-end databases, e-commerce platforms, security features, content management systems, interactive features search engine optimazation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). We also specialize in hosting and ongoing maintenance services.

Marketing Slogans

Regardless of the media channel, convincing copy sells your products, programs, or services. VantagePoint’s team of expert copywriters creates messages that resonate with your target audiences—stressing the unique benefits you offer and leading them to take action.

VantagePoint’s editors also write articles, news releases, and other pieces to deliver the latest announcements to the media and help get you covered. We specialize in integrating marketing messages into these pieces to create more opportunities for sales and increase the value of relationships with your customers, prospects, partners, and members.